Tuesday, January 25, 2011

* Lucien A. DiMeo

Lucien A. Dimeo
Town of Hamden

I am pleased to join Yale Divinity School students in celebrating the centennial anniversary of the birth of one of Hamden's distinguished residents, Professor Douglas Clyde Macintosh, who made his home at 25 Woodlawn Street for many years and who is buried in Whitneyville cemetery.

He was not only an eminent theologian, but he carried on the tradition of outspoken individualism which those of us in Connecticut and Hamden understand and admire so much.

To speak the truth as you see it, even when it is unpopular, is the cornerstone of this great country.

In honoring the Macintosh Centennial we do not necessarily subscribe to Dr. Macintosh's opinions, but we celebrate the First Amendment of the United States' Constitution which protects and cherishes the right of all individuals in this great country to express the truth as they see it.

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